SuperCore is a multi-timbral, multi-layered rompler capable of massive sounds. It is easily programmable and infinitely upgradeable with a nearly endless palette of sounds to use.

The SuperCore core library weighs in at 6.2GB and includes an excellent selection of sounds in eight distinct categories: Basses, Bells, FX, Keys, Leads, Pads, Percussive and Synths.

A Multi-Layered Monster!

The Bass sounds range from lo-fi techno, house and dance to acoustic and electric plucks, pulls and stabs. There is also a nice selection of analog sounds to round out this cateogry.

The Bells sounds provide digital and sampled bells and bell-like instruments to enhance your productions. These work great with the built-in phrase sequencer, but more on that in a bit.

The FX category gives you several nice special effect sounds to sprinkle over your music. They range from weird percussive to glass-like timbres and digital waves.

The Keys section is where the SuperCore v2 library really shines! Here you get everything from organs to pianos to keys that talk! Also included are percussive-like chromatic instruments that provokes images of island instruments to classic electric pianos from years gone by.

SuperCore's Leads are amazing. You get a large selection of sounds to use as lead instruments in your music. Everything from phatt square and saw waves to massive unisons to specialized leads sounds not heard anywhere else are included. You will NOT be disappointed with this section!

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